Friday, May 11, 2018

An Announcement + An Ask me Anything!

Hey peoples, guess what today is!!!


I've been blogging for one year today, and I'm super excited!!! 

Having a blog has been such a blast!! I love being a part of the blogging community! Ya'll are awesome! I love all the amazing comments you guys leave me, every single one makes me smile :D Thanks for sticking with me this long! You ladies encourage me so much!! <3 

Might as well show the good ole' blogger stats...

Followers ~ 24 

Pageviews ~ 4,755

Posts Published ~ 29 (quite productive aren't I? :P)

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I have to go cram for finals, but I didn't want to let this occasion pass without at least acknowledging it, so I thought I'd do another Ask Me Anything post in honor of it! So ask away, and pass the chocolate cake while you're at it!!

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap Up: How I Did, What I Wrote, All The Good Stuff

I'm alive!!!! Guess who dissapeared for more than a month without being polite and informing ya'll...

I do have a good excuse though. I participated in Camp NaNo for the first time ever!!! It was so great! I actually for real got some writing done!!

So how'd it all go...

(Also please ignore all the purple words in this post, blogger is being schnibly unto me and won't let me change them back to black)

 What I Wrote 

I worked on my Peter Pan story that I mentioned in this post, and I'm really happy to find myself getting so into this story. I'm not a consistent write. I will usually get about two chapters into a story before I get discouraged and quit. I didn't want that to be the case with this book, because I really liked this idea, and I wanted to finally see myself finish a book.

At the beginning of the month I was in a real writing rut. I'd reached a point where I didn't know where to go. So after staring at the screen for forever, I finally had to tell myself that I was never gonna reach my word count if all I did was nothing. So I just started by putting one word down at a time. A lot of it sounded boring, and a little discombobulated, but at least I was writing. 

After that I was doing pretty well, until I realized that I had no idea where I was going with this story. I had absolutely. no. plot...

So after doing much of the above, I enlisted the help of a fellow writing friend, and my sister (who, by the way, is killer at thinking up plots), and we finally ended up putting together a plot that I think is a pretty good!! It's very intricate, and intricate plots are always the best!! :D Anyone else out there who loves writing really tricky, intertwined plots?

So a little advice ladies. Never, EVER, start a book without at least vaguely knowing what your plot is going to be. It will save you much toil and tears, and set you up for success in your future life! 

 How I Did 

So because this was my first year doing NaNo, I decided to start slow, and set my word count goal for 20,000. School was also a big factor for deciding this because I didn't want to get no where near 50k and then feel discouraged because I didn't make it. So 20k was a good in-between. 

I happen to be the slowest writer I know. So I was a little worried about not getting anywhere near my goal. Somedays I got lucky, and the words came, and ideas flowed easily, and it was just like...

And then other days are more like...

In the end, I finished with 9 chapters, 40 pages, and 15,181 words. That wasn't my goal, BUT GUYS, that is the largest word count I've ever had in any of my books!! I went back and looked at a story I was working on when I was about 14, and was my most worked in WIP yet. It only had 7,000 words. I've passed that up by more than 8,000 words!!! 

I'm pretty proud of what I completed, I hope to actually finish this book before the next Camp NaNo rolls around, so that I can work on another WIP. (I should say one of her Ladyship's WIP's, for there are several...) ;)

Also, THREE WEEKS TILL SCHOOL IS FINISHED!!! I'm soooo ready to be done and start my summer. I need to do a lately post sometime soon, so we'll see if I get around to that. Also I want to do a post on my Peter Pan WIP. Like character overviews, music inspiration, excerpts, stuff like that. Let me know if ya'll would like to see any of these kind of posts!!

Sorry I haven't been commenting on anyone's posts lately!! I do read them, I'm just a little bit too busy to take the time to comment right now. I'm going to try and catch up on it though!!

So did any of you do Camp? How'd it go for you? I've gotta go revise an essay now, but let us not say goodbye, but as the French have it, Au Revoir!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Book Review

Salutations everybody!! I'm finally sittin' myself down to write my first book review!

So I know that sometime ago, I'd heard of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but all that I thought was, "Wow that's quite a name." and then moved on with my life. It wasn't until after I read this post, that I thought I would give it a go. The movie looks absolutely enchanting, (AND LILY JAMES AND JESSICA BROWN FINDLAY ARE BOTH IN IT AND THEY ARE TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ACTRESSES EVAH, SO YES AND YES). But I decided that I wanted to actually read the book first this time, so I toddled myself down to the library and checked it out.  




I checked the book out on Friday and had finished it by Monday. It's the first book in awhile that has had me so completely hooked and unable to put down. It was funny, it was endearing, it was sad, it was sweet, just ADSHKDASKIRLDHFLD!!!!!

*pauses for a moment because Perfect by Ed Sheeran just came on, and the full beauty of this song must be appreciated, and because I can't sing and type at the same time*

*song ends and typing resumes*

The characters of this book are just so life like and I want to write letters to Juliet (Letters to Juliet, anyone? ;)), and walk along the cliffs with Dawsey, and make potions with Isola, and throw teapots at Gilly Gilbert, and go Eben's bonfire parties, and just be a part of their lives! 

I suppose I should talk about Juliet, as she is the main character. I absolutely love her. She is spunky, and caring, and endearing and has A+ sass #KILLERSNARKINESS #YOUGOJULIET

Her correspondence with Dawsey is the cutest thing. AND DAWSEY!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LOVE HIM TO LITTLE ITTIE BITTIE BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a thing for the quite, shy type of guys, and Dawsey just tops them all. *sends hugs to Dawsey*

*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* So, we also need to talk about Elizabeth. Cause she was amazing and I loved her, and couldn't wait until they found her and she and Juliet could meet. And then, they get the news that she was killed at Ravensbruck. *anguished sobs*

WHY?!?!?! WHY DID THE AUTHOR HAVE TO KILL HER?!? I WANTED HER TO COME BACK SO BADLY. I guess it ended up working itself out fine, and that really was the realities of the war, BUT I'M STILL UPSET!! *curls up in blanket burrito and eats chocolate* *End Major Spoiler Alert*

The imagery of the TGLAPPPS (you didn't think I was gonna spell out that whopper of a title every time, did you?) is absolutely fantastic. When *semi spoiler* Juliet finally goes to Guernsey, the way everything is described just absolutely makes me want to pack my bags and move there. The cliff top walks, the fields, the misty mornings, just PLEASE PLEASE CAN I GO THERE!!! #GUERNSEYORBUST  #I'MUSINGWAYTOMANYHASHTAGS

Unfortunately there was a little bit of content in the book. There was language sprinkled throughout, and one of the characters (I won't say who cause it would probably count as a spoiler) has a child out of wedlock, although that subject is skimmed over very briefly and the author does not go into detail. Also one of the characters, (whom I personally really liked, even after I found this out, although there was a noticeable decrease in the liking) is a homosexual. This has absolutely no bearing on the story, and wasn't necessary for any part of the story telling, so I have no idea why the author felt the need to stick it in there. *Growls at author* And of course, because much of this story talks about Guernsey during the German occupation, there are some harsh stories of the way the German's treat prisoners and locals of Guernsey. 

All this aside, it was a lovely, lovely book. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it. And now I'm super, super excited to see the movie. From what I've seen in the preview, I think they did a killer job of casting everyone!!! (except for Eben and Amelia. I'm not 100% happy with them yet.) I'm totally going to see it in theaters, and I'm dying for it to be released now!!!

So!! Have you all read this book yet? If you haven't, you totally need to!! If you have, what do you think of the casting choices? Are you excited as I am to see this movie!!!! LET US FANGIRL TOGETHER!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

New Spring Blog Look + 2 Photos I Took!

New Springy Blog look ya'll! I've changed quite a bit more than just my header this time. I enlarged my blog size, and switched the side bar to the left side. What do you think?

It was feeling quite springy here, our peach tree and the daffodils were all starting to bloom, so I decided it was time for a new look! So I spent awhile changing everything up, and was quite happy with it. We got a foot of snow the very next day! So it didn't feel so springy outside anymore, but oh well ;) 

But most of the snow has melted now, and I found these daffodils poking through the snow yesterday! They were to pretty not to take a picture of! Aslan is on the move, my friends!

Yours Truly,
Miss Woodhouse

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lovely Blog Party // Aragorn and Arwen + Arthur and Amy

Hi! So, I apologize for not participating in this blog party more! I had every intention of doing so, but then I was sick for about two weeks, putting me behind in my schoolwork, which didn't leave me any time for blogging, which is why I am so late with this post. I have decided to go ahead and combine the two posts I planned to do, because being the really slow writer I am, I don't think I'll have time to write up two posts. So here we go!

~Aragorn and Arwen~

These two!!! I just loves them so much!!! They are so perfect for each other. I loooove Arwen (stop giving me that red squiggly line Blogger, Arwen is totally a real name) I mean, she gave up her immortality to be with Aragorn!! She tells him, "I would rather share one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone." That to me is not only a gorgeous quote, but it also shows just how much she loves him. Arwen is not afraid of facing death, as long as it means she gets to share her life with the one she loves. 

I also love how dedicated to her Aragorn is (also a real name, AHEM) When he realizes that Eowyn is in love with him, Aragorn, as gently as possible, tells her that his heart is already taken. He never wavers in his love for Arwen, in all their time apart.

Their reunion in the end is so sweeeeeet!! After all that time apart, they both love each as just much as ever, and they are finally married!! Everybody say Aaawwwwww!! <3 <3 <3

~Arthur and Amy~

Well. These two had a bit of a rougher time of it, didn't they? 

Amy Dorrit is such a sweetheart. She's quiet and shy, and often times may seem to allow herself to become a little bit of a door mat. But she's not! What she is, is incredibly patient with her family, who are always horrible to her. When Amy meets Arthur Clennam, she falls in love with him almost from the very beginning. 

And guess what?

Arthur doesn't know it. He's just hum-dumming along, lost in his own little world, completely blind to the fact that sweet little Amy Dorrit is head-over-heels for him. In fact, he's in love with someone else, and thinks of Amy as only a good friend. He even confides to Amy about this other girl that he is in love with, making poor Little Dorrit absolutely heart broken. Then this other girl goes and gets herself engaged, and Arthur gets his turn to be heart broken for awhile. 

Meanwhile, Amy still has feelings for him, but has accepted the fact that he will never love her *sniffle sniffle* Then a lot of plot twists occur, and Amy leaves the Marshelsea (is that how you spell it?) with her family, and doesn't see Arthur for a very long time. 

*Insert many, many more plot twists here*

And all this plot twisting ends with Arthur landing himself in the Marshelsea prison for debt. It's here that Poor John Chivery tells Arthur that Amy has feelings for him. Let me recreate the whole tear wrenching scene for you. 

 John cries, "How can you not know it? The walls in this room know it!! Do you think everything I did was for you? It wasn't! I did it for her!"

To which a very confused Arthur replies, "Who?"

And then John's tearful answer. "For Amy!! Because she loves you!!" 

You're welcome for that. *hands out tissues*

So after this declaration, Arthur is hit by the realization that it is Amy he loved all along, and when she comes back to the Marshelsea to take care of him after he gets sick, he tells her that he loves her, and all is happiness and butterflies and sunshine once more!!

And even though it may sound like I don't like Arthur that much, because it took so long for him to realize (as a matter of fact he didn't even realize, HE HAD TO BE TOLD) *Frowns at Arthur* I really do like him very much. He was such a gentleman, and wanted to do the right thing so very badly, who could help but love him? He and Amy both deserved, as well as earned, their happily ever after.

And with that, my contribution to the Lovely Blog Party is finished!! I hope ya'll enjoyed it! Thanks for hosting this blog party Cordy, I had a blast being part of it. I only wish I could have participated a little bit more! Sorry also for not getting out that Minnie and Alfie post I mentioned, maybe I'll just have to write it separately later! 

TTFN, Ta-Ta for now!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Just a Brief Hello...

Hello out there to all my fellow sisters in loneliness!! If you are as lonely as I, come join my party of alone lonely loners!! We will have ice cream and chocolate, and watch chick flicks, and all mourn our lonely, singledom!! What fun!

So as this day of aloneness was fast approaching, I thought and thought and thought and thought of some clever post that I could write, in honor of this momentous occasion...

(btw, nothing can beat this amount of cleverness. Bravo Natalie ;))


I got nuthin'.

Zero. Zilch. Noodle. 

So since I am so uncreative, I had decided I would simply write a post for the Lovely Blog Party, since I have yet to do that. But now that it actually comes down to writing it, I don't actually feel like writing it right now. 

Therefore, this is a very short post. I leave you all with this valentine because it made me laugh, and I take my leave! Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Lovely Blog Party Kick Off!!

Lizzie! Mama! Guess what! Oh you'll never guess so I shall tell you! Mrs. Forrester has invited me as her particular friend.... Oh wait... I believe that's the wrong announcement...

What I meant to say, is that Cordy is hosting a Lovely Blog Party for the entire month of February!!

*Throws confetti and blows up some of Gandalf's fireworks*

So! You can go to Cordy's blog for all the details, but basically, we are all going to be writing about some of our favorite couples for all of February (cause y'know, Valentines Day and stuff ;))! I'm super excited, so to kick it off, I'm going to start by filling out the lovely tag that Cordy created!

Using the prompts below, answer the following questions as creatively as you please
None of the questions require you to answer with a favorite in the category, only to find a fitting answer. They can be old, they can be new, they can be borrowed or they can be blue... they can be known or they can be unknown. You can explain your answer once you've given one.

Ivanhoe and Rebecca: Name a couple that should have been together

Oh, this one's a no brainer for me. Bella and Vernon from This Beautiful Fantastic should have toootally been a couple. I believe I have mentioned my opinion on this before, but one can never talk to much of good thing (or what could have been a good thing *ahem* scriptwriters!!!) They were super cute together and I think Vernon kind of liked her, but unfortunately, Bella's affections were already taken *sigh* Alas for what could have been!!

Jo and Laurie: Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...

Ummm... I kinda drawing a blank on this one. Alf Arliss and Laura Timmins maybe? Although I don't think Laura ever felt that way about Alfie, Alfie liked her for awhile. And they always remained good friends, even when Laura told Alfie that she could never feel that way about him. And I'm glad it worked out that way, because later Alfie found a much better match whom I will talk about in a minute!

Jane and Mr. Rochester: Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!

These two! Elinor and Edward had a bit of a bumpy road to romance, because Edward was a little on the silly side in his younger years and proposed to Lucy Steele (whatever was he thinking!) But it seems Lucy's affections took a little turn, to everybody's satisfaction, and Elinor and Edward got their happy ending :)

Jane and Mr. Bingley: Name a couple that is just sooo happy!

Umm, I think I'm gonna go with Emma and Mr. Knightley. This gif totally shows it, they are so in love. I love these two, so sweet!!

Kit and Ella: Name your favorite fairytale couple

I've got the same answer as you Cordy! I looooove Kit and Ella. They give me happy fuzzies!!

Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley: Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)

Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clennam. Oh, poor, poor Amy!! I feel so sorry for her. She is the sweetest thing, and she really deserved his love. And I really liked Arthur too, but come one! Like poor John Chivery says, "How do you not know it! The walls in this room know it!" *sniffles for poor John* Anyways, they did get a happy ending, though it took them awhile to get there!

Sarah and Jacob Witting: Name a couple that found love later in life

I think I'm gonna go with Dorcas Lane and Gabriel Cochrane. I could never quite decide if I liked Gabriel or not, but I was glad that he and Dorcas ended up together. They made a cute couple :D Also, there is a shocking lack of pictures of them together, so I had to settle for separate picture of each. *sigh* 

Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon: Name a couple from a musical

I'm gonna go with P.T. Barnum and Charity. I loved their relationship sooo much. They were absolutely adorable.

(I love Kathy Seldon and Don Lockwood too, but Cordy stole it ;))

Anne and Gilbert: Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot

Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox! These two are hilarious!! And what makes it so funny, is that they are best friends online, but when they meet in person (without knowing that they are each others internet friends) they hate each other!! But of course, they eventually grow on each other ;)

Faramir and Eowyn: Name a couple with the sweetest love story

MINNIE AND ALFIE FROM LARKRISE TO CANDLEFORD!!! THESE TWO!!!!! They are so stinkin adorable!! I will say no more, because I plan to devote a post to them sometime during this blog party!

So, what do you think? Who are some of your guy's favorite couples? Any of the above mentioned? Thanks so much for this awesome tag Cordy!! I had a great time filling it out, and I hope to have some other blog party posts out soon! TTFN, ta ta for now!!