Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why For The Love of Mustard...?


You all may be wondering... What does Miss Woodhouse enjoy doing?... What's her favorite ice cream flavor?... What's her third cousin's, uncle's, mother-in-law's hair color?... Is she more than 242 years old?

"I am not 242 years old, I am 244 years old! You were at my birthday party, you brought me balloons!"


So in case you are all wondering these kinds of things, go ahead and ask them!! I am going to do a post entirely devoted to answering your questions!

Ask me whatever you like! Be very creative (cause creative questions are the funnest to answer ;)) or just ask simple questions that are interesting anyways! As always though, keep them glorifying to God, and nothing to personal please. I probably won't answer all your questions, but I'll do as many as I possibly can.

So!! Ask me why I started my blog. Ask me why this post is Mr. Magorium themed. Ask me on a hot dog to hot dog bun ratio, why for the love of mustard are there never enough buns? 

I have to go now because...

But please! ASK AWAY!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer: Such a Sequence of Continual Delights!!

Hi all! I hope you're all enjoying summer as much as I am!! Here's a few things that I love about this wonderful season...

      ~ Squirt gun fights with friends
      ~Amazingly blue skies with giant billowy clouds
      ~ Getting up early to hear the morning chorus of birds (and believe me, there are hundreds and they are gorgeous!!)


         ~Swing Dances!!
         ~ Magical sunsets
         ~ A very good excuse to eat ice cream!!
         ~ Summer thunderstorms and the amazing smell outside afterwards
         ~ The three S's- Shorts, sandals, and sundresses! (Be prepared folks, Miss Woodhouse is finally feeling brave enough to be her weird self ;))

          ~ A very good excuse to eat ice cream!! (Yes I said that already, but we are talking about ICE CREAM AND IT'S EXCESSIVE AVAILABILITY here people!! It needs deserves to be emphasized!!)
          ~ Swimming pools and beach trips!
          ~ Backpacking trips
          ~ NO SCHOOL!!! *hallelujah chorus plays in background*


            ~  Sitting in front of the campfire making delicious hot shmoes! (They're called smore's, Buzz)  
            ~ Hours of relaxing in front of the AC with a good book (Jane Austen anyone?)

And that's about all I can think of right now! As I am writing this I am sitting downtown in the car, with no AC on (because the car was overheating) in 100 degree weather and am not loving it. Which makes that last topic sound extremely appealing ;)

So how about ya'll? What do you enjoy doing in the summer? Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day everybody!! Hope it's a great one!

Friday, June 30, 2017

New Blog Look!

I changed my blog look! Rachel from A Girl's Place made my lovely header for me and I couldn't be more delighted with it! Thank you so much Rachel! What do you all think of it?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Period Drama Gossips: #5 Miss Bates

Hello peeps! Sorry this was so long in coming but I've been terribly busy trying to register for the Fall college semester and putting in a garden and babysitting and oh my, am I tired!! So do bear with me if my posts are long and far apart for awhile. 

 So here is my first Gossip post. I'm excited to finally get this started, though I must say I had quite the time trying to think up 5 gossips to discuss (yet another reason why this is late :P) But here it is...

Now I wasn't sure if Miss Bates counted as a gossip or not. Yes, she is a prattler, but other than going on and on and on about Jane, she doesn't talk about other people that much. But then I remembered the "Have you heard, Mr. Elton is to be married!" comment, and then a few others, and eventually it was decided that she qualified. So here she is folks...

Tamsin Greig as Miss Bates; Emma (2009)

Miss Bates is a middle aged spinster who lives with her elderly mother (who doesn't talk, possibly because her daughter does all the talking that needs to be done.) Her niece Jane Fairfax is her pride and joy and has lived with the Campbell family since she was little, because the Bates lost their fortune and were forced to leave their lavish home for a little cottage in the village. Jane writes letters to her aunt each week, which Miss Bates takes great pleasure in reading to all her neighbors. 

Miss Bates is really a very sweet character. Of course everybody has their moments where they find her annoying, but she really means well. Jane Austen says it better...

“Miss Bates enjoyed a most uncommon degree of popularity for a woman neither young, handsome, rich, nor married. Miss Bates stood in the very worst predicament in the world for having much of the public favour; and she had no intellectual superiority to make atonement to herself or frighten those who might hate her into outward respect.  She had never boasted either beauty or cleverness.  Her youth had passed without distinction, and her middle of life was devoted to the care of a failing mother and the endeavor to make a small income go as far as possible.  And yet she was a happy woman, a woman whom no one named without goodwill.  It was her own universal goodwill and contented temper which worked such wonders.  She loved everybody, was interested in everybody’s happiness, quick-sighted to everybody’s merits; thought herself a most fortunate creature, and surrounded with blessings in such an excellent mother and so many good neighbors and friends and a home that wanted for nothing.  The simplicity and cheerfulness of her nature, her contented and grateful spirit, were a recommendation to everybody and a mine of felicity to herself.”
Emma, chapter 3
Sophie Thompson as Miss Bates; Emma (1996)

Miss Bates is a happy creature by nature, and everybody likes happy people. Her devotion to Jane is another thing that really stands out to me. Sure, she talks on and on about her, boring everyone to death, as Emma says, but it's because she loves Jane and is just so proud of her. I love the scene where Jane plays piano at the Cole's party and Miss Bates is simply glowing.  

Isn't she cute!

Another scene that shows how much she cares about Jane is when she is telling Emma about Jane taking the governess job, and she begins to cry. She loves Jane so much and wants the best for her, which she can't give her. 

Miss Bates is also hilarious! The way she prattles on and on, and her flittery movements are great!

She also has a very forgiving spirit. Miss Bates was very willing to forgive Emma after Box Hill, which really would take a lot of grace.

LOVE this gif! Miss Bates to a T!
Best Miss Bates Quotes

" It's such happiness when good people get together... and they always do!"

" Three things very dull indeed! That will do just for me, you know. I shall be sure to say three dull things as soon as ever I open my mouth, shan't I! Do not you all think I shall!"

Emma: " I'm going to ask Mr. Knightley to teach me Chinese! Do you think Jane could read Chinese?"
Miss Bates: " Oh I'm sure, I'm sure she could. I thought it was backwards. I'm sure Jane is equal to anything."

And so ends my first installment of Period Drama Gossips! I hope you all enjoyed it!

What do you think of Miss Bates? Do you think she counts as a gossip?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Miss Woodhouse is simply going to have to explain all this!"

" What's this I hear!"

" More new fangled nonsense, that's what!"

" Oh you will not know the meaning of nonsense until you hear me speak!"

" What is all this agitation! Are the summer gloves in?"

 Gossips. Period drama's simply would not be the same without them. Without them, everyone would have to wait till the newspaper came to find out what was going on. Without them, we would have much less order in our lovely little villages (a.k.a. tens and thousands of half gypsies/whole villains roaming the streets, much more partaking of spirits, even though this is a temperance community, madly busy streets because no one is taking the time to sit down and read the letter's from Jane, not to mention hundreds of poor single young men in possession of a large fortune, also in want of a wife, but unable to obtain one because there is no one around to be sure that Jane rides a horse so that she must stay overnight!) 

" Lawful Heart girl, are you going to talk all day!"

" Girls! They think they know everything about everything save when it is to happen, and how it can be stopped. Of course in most cases, they are correct, as most women are."

" Oh yes indeed! In fact, just this morning, I was saying to Mother, that Jane really is the cleverest girl! Do you know, she is almost to the end of her reading list of one-hundred titles! One-hundred!"

" Miss Bates please! Miss Woodhouse is trying to make an announcement! Proceed Miss Woodhouse! We will lend our ears."

Thank you ladies! Now as I was saying, without gossips, so much would be missing from the movies that we love. Sure they are all pig headed, obstinate, outspoken, and opinionated, but they are also loyal, kind, and would do anything for the people they love. 

So I have decided that over the next few weeks I am going to be writing about these wonderful and hilarious women. Introducing...

Top 5 Favorite Period Drama Gossips

" Mrs. Forrester! Mrs. Forrester! Put no further pastries to your lips, lest you should choke, when you hear the news!!"

" Miss Woodhouse is going to write all about US!"

" Mrs. Jenkins! I rehearsed those words all the way from the worsted work!"

" Oh do beg pardon, my dear, proceed!"

" Well there is nothing left to tell, is there?!"

" Miss Pole please! You are betraying your emotions!"

" Ladies! Miss Woodhouse can't get a word in edge wise, that's what! Continue Miss Woodhouse!"

Thank you Mrs. Lynde. This is sort of a twist on Top 10 Favorite Period Drama Heroins that Miss Dashwood did a few years ago. Unfortunately there are not enough gossips for me to make it 10, so 5 will have to do. 

I will do a post about each gossip, beginning from my least favorite and counting down to my favorite. I will have the first out as soon as possible. Ta ta 'til then!

Yours Truly,
Miss Woodhouse


Friday, June 09, 2017

Jane Austen Would You Rather

Howdy all! Cordy over at Write on, Cordy! just put up her second Jane Austen Would You Rather game! I'm excited to play and if you would like to as well, hop on over to Cordy's blog where you can see her answers and answer the questions yourself! Let's begin!

1. Would you rather summer at Abbey Mill Farm with the Martins or spend the winter in London with your aunt and uncle?
Probably Abbey Mill Farm. Although there would probably be balls and such in London (always a plus ;)), there would be more to do at the farm otherwise.  

2. Would you rather be carried away in the moment and insult someone in company or be overcome by horrid imaginings and have to confess your thoughts to someone you admire?
OH DEAR, CORDY, WHY?!?! Oh my, let's see. Deep breath Miss Woodhouse. I suppose confess my thoughts to someone I admire, as long as this someone was a very good listener and would not think ill of me... you know what, we better just move on, this question is sending me into nervous spasms.

3. Would you rather marry Mr. Bingley or Robert Martin?
That depends on how often I would be forced to invite my sisters-in-law over for dinners and holidays were I to marry Mr. Bingley, and whether or not Robert Martin remembered to look up the book I suggested, cause if he didn't, I would have to wonder why he did not remember it... I think Robert Martin, just because. 

4. Would you rather tour the lake country or visit the seaside?
Umm the Seaside. Especially if it happened this way...

5. Would you rather entertain Miss Bates or Mr. Collins in conversations?
Miss Bates indubitably. 1.) Because I am not a conversationalist and Miss Bates can single handedly keep the conversation going the entire time without me having to contribute, and 2.) Jane Fairfax is probably a more interesting topic than Lady Catherin De Bourgh's chimney.

6. Would you rather sing a musical piece at a gathering while hiccuping every other line or take a great tumble while dancing?
Can I take a tumble and be caught by a handsomely debonair stranger? No? *sigh* Well, tumble anyways cause that way only half of the room will see it, and not the whole of the room as in the other question. 

7. Would you rather be deceived by Willoughby or Wickham?

HAVE YOU NO COMPASSION ON MY POOR NERVES!!! Oh what is to become of us all, I mean me!! *Moaning and wailing in background* 
Well then, *sniffle sniffle,* if I must choose, I guess Willoughby, because if I must get deceived, then I might as well get deceived by someone handsome.

8. Would you rather fall head over heels in love with a man who turns out to be engaged or fall for a man too busy loving someone else to notice you?
Oh this question makes me sad :( Probably someone who doesn't notice me because once he's engaged you have no chance, but if he just likes the other person, than perhaps there is time for him to come to his senses. 

9. Would you rather ride in a carriage or upon a horse to an evening party?
Carriage indubitably. I would not wish to soil my gown by riding a horse. And also because etiquette dictates that it is the proper way to arrive, AHEM (looks sideways at Mr. Knightley)

10. Would you rather accept advice from Mrs. Weston or Elinor Dashwood?
Elinor. She is young enough that I would feel more comfortable talking to her, but also old enough (not to mention sensible enough) that i would trust her opinion.

11. Would you rather have as a companion Jane Fairfax or Charlotte Lucas?
Charlotte Lucas. She seems much more like the type of person I would hang out with, all though Jane is sweet too. 

That's all! Thank you for that Cordy! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Yours Truly,
Miss Woodhouse