Tuesday, June 28, 2022

hello, hello, hello!

Hey friends!!!

It's been a minute! I seem to have a terrible habit of dropping on the earth periodically, then I start to miss blogging again, and must make my return!

So here I am again! I certainly can't promise I will be posting with any regularity (because who are we kidding, this is Miss Woodhouse talking), but I will definitely be popping in now and again with a fun post for ya'll!

So, to kick off my return, I thought I'd give you a brief update on myself! 

The Ordinary: 

I really haven't been doing much out of the ordinary, aside from a bit of traveling, which has been fantastic!

The Books:

I will probably do some more in depth posts about some of these books later, but for now...

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith: Talk about an absolutely lovely vibe. A little quirky and weird in some spots, but an excellent read just the same.

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot: SO GOOD. Literally so wholesome and sweet and hilarious, and I mean, it's the English Dales! And English Villages! And a quaint veterinary practice! What more could one ask for?

Jewel of The Nile by Tessa Afshar: Interesting. Definitely not terrible, but a little cheesy. Enjoyably cheesy though.

The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis: Believe it or not, this was the first time I've read all the way through the Narnia series. And it was rough, my friends. When the first line of the book is, "In the last days of Narnia...", you know it's gonna be a hard one. Definitely extremely well done (I mean, it's Clive Staples Lewis) and the last few chapters made me cry, but I believe it's safe to say I will probably not be reading that one again. I'm still emotionally recovering XD

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling: SO SO SOOOO MANY THOUGHTS. but I'm saving that for a post of it's own ;)

The TV Shows and Movies:

All Creatures Great and Small: JUST AS WHOLESOME, IF NOT MORE, THAN THE BOOK. Absolutely Perfect.

Heartland: A lot of fun. A little dramatic and angsty at times, but cute. 

Road to Avonlea: Who are we kidding, it will forever and always be my comfort show <3

Once Upon a Time: My goodness gracious, the cheeeeeeese. But I can't help it, I get hooked sometimes XD

Agent Carter: Really trying to stick this one out, because I love Peggy Carter and the 1940s, but wow, why so gory, Marvel folks??

Top Gun: Maverick: THE WAY I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Again, absolutely deserving of its own post, because WOW. The cinematography, the music, the storyline, ROOSTER! I mean, please, the whole thing is cinematic perfection!

Downton Abbey: A New Era: Fabulous, as always. It's nice to finally see Anna and Bates #thriving. Actually most of them are doing pretty good in this movie, so that was nice XD. Nothing jaw dropping, but it had a lovely aesthetic and a fairly good storyline. (ALTHOUGH, anyone else bothered that they basically stole the plot of Singin' in the Rain?!? That was rather dumb.)

The Current Obsessions:

Pinterest: Forever and Always a major fan of Pinterest. I mean, I get to organize pretty pictures into pretty little boxes, what more could you want?

The Marauders: This stems from my recent Harry Potter read, and no doubt you will be hearing a LOT more about them in future. Seriously, I've never been this invested in a bunch of characters who never even got their own books??! LIKE THEY'RE AMAZING. send help

Writing: Probably a given, but I tend to go through very dry spells when I just don't feel inspired, and I've just come out of one of those feeling very excited to write and just get my thoughts out on paper!

That's about it for now! I'm excited to be back, yet again! I also have been trying to catch up on commenting on everyone's recent posts, but my google account is being weird and not letting me comment as myself, so that's a work in progress. 

How about you all! What have you been up to? How's life? Drop me a comment and let's chat!!

Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

My Favorite Chick Flick Romances || Lovely Blog Party

You all know the drill ;)

Sophie and Charlie || Letters to Juliet

These two are just everything cuteness. From the rocky beginnings with their back and forth snarky banter, to their wanderings around Italian cities together, to having ice cream fights. 

(Also, he's British, so how could you not love him?)

Lucy and George || Two Weeks Notice

I loooooove the relationship these two have. Yes, George probably needs to grow up a little, but that's why he needs Lucy. I love that even before there is anything romantic between them, we can still see just how well they know each other. They just work together. 

Lara Jean and Peter || To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Despite certain things that occurred in the latest movie that I am in no way pleased about, I do still love these two. They're just sweet. We love our fake dating to actually falling in love relationships.

 (Plus it's really cute that he calls her Covey.)

Kathleen and Joe || You've Got Mail

I mean, yes it's yet another hate-to-love relationship, but I am beyond caring. Kathleen Kelly is just a gem, and Joe Fox is a gem too once you get past the business man, money making layer. They're a true pair of accidental soulmates. 

Meg and Riley || Monte Carlo

Um, traveling carefree Australian guy bumps into an uptight girl who jut needs a hug on her accidental trip to Monte Carlo? Yes please!

I love that Rylee is the one who gets Meg to smile again. He takes her on an adventure, and did that girl ever need an adventure!  

Jane and Mr. Nobley || Austenland

Mr. Nobely is just one of those guys who really truly knows how to be a gentleman. And he falls hard for Jane, who of course, as is required of heroines, believes him to be stuck up at first. Until she gets to know him. I love their little escapades in which we get to see them growing attached to each other. They just have such an innocent, sweet relationship.

Anyone else love these couples?!

Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

Monday, February 15, 2021

Yet Another Romantic Tag || Valentine's Day Period Drama Blog Party

Happy day after Valentine's day! I'm a little late, but here are my answers to Heidi's Valentine's Day Period Drama Blog Party Tag!

1.) Your current three (or up to five!) favorite period dramas?

Emma (2009), Pride and Prejudice (1995), Downton Abbey, Anne of Green Gables, and Enola Holmes.

2.) What would you recommend to someone who’s never seen a period drama as a starter?

Probably Emma (2009) because it's so happy and pretty. It's quite long, but that matters not. (If you want to get into the period drama world, then you better get used to looooong movies.)

3.) A favorite couple that wouldn’t be included in answer #1 (cause I’m figuring those are already top favorites ;)) and/or a favorite secondary character romance? 


I recently read the Scarlet Pimpernel and I LOVE THESE TWO. They are both such strong characters who are really meant for each other (even though SOMEBODY is quite pigheaded for awhile! *throws a snuff box at Percy*)

4.) What do you consider foundational qualities for a healthy romance? 

Probably trust, patience, and good communication.

5.) Worst villain/antagonist?

Probably Rigaud from Little Dorrit. That man is straight up terrifying. 

(He doesn't get a picture, because no one wants to look at him.)

6.) A favorite proposal scene?

Aaaaaaaaalways Emma (2009). Nothing beats "If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more."

I also really love Laurie's proposal to Amy in the book! It was so sweet and simple, and I am quite put out that all the movie versions saw fit to cut it!

7.) Favorite period drama characters based on a real life couple?

Katherine and James from Hidden Figures. They are so cute! (it's also an excellent movie!)

8.) Any classic b/w period dramas you like?

Hmmm, none are coming to mind. 

9.) Most mature romance in a period drama? (mature as in age and/or characters who are consciously and wisely ripened by life experience, etc.)

Janet and Alec from Road to Avonlea. It's a much lesser known period drama show, but it's lovely, and Alec and Janet are lovely. They have a firmly built relationship, and even though we see them go through marital struggles throughout the show, they always come back around. They are always there to love and support the other. 

10.) Most excruciatingly long, slow burn romance in a period drama?

Amy and Arthur from Little Dorrit. Like COME. OOOONNNNN. I love you Arthur, but OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

11.) A story that has multiple film adaptations where you love more than one of them?

I'm usually more of a One Film Adaptation Only kind of girl, but I recently saw the Sense and Sensibility miniseries (2008) and I loved it!! But I will still always love the 1995 version.

12.) A book you think needs to be made into a film (or a new adaptation)?

Sooooo many. But right now The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery and Rilla of Ingleside also by L.M. Montgomery are at the top of my list. Their both so good and so deserving of a well done film!

Thank you so much for hosting Heidi!! I do love any chance to rave about period drama couples ;) 

Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Period Drama Romances that Ironically Deserve More Love || Valentine's Period Drama Blog Party

We interrupt this program to bring you a second blog party, namely the Valentine's Day Period Drama Blog Party, hosted by Heidi! 

I'm starting off this second party with a little nod to a few of my favorite period drama couples! I decided to go with some lesser known couples who really deserve more love, although I couldn't resist throwing in some more popular ones, because sometimes they're just too cute!

Minnie and Alfie || Larkrise to Candleford

"See Minnie, you make me laugh."

These two are just cinnamon rolls. Yes, Minnie is a little silly. But that's who she is. I really appreciate that the writers didn't feel the need to change her character when she and Alf became a couple. Alf is just a sweetheart who's got the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Minnie helps him carry that weight. She is the one who makes him smile.

Enola and Tewkesberry || Enola Holmes

"At least we have each other."

I have already talked about my love for these two, but all the more chance to fangirl talk about them. Theirs is a relationship built on trust, which coincidentally started with Enola asking, "Do you trust me?" to which Tewkesberry emphatically replied, "No!" 

Their relationship never gets further off the ground than a strong friendship (although sparks flew HARD) but they know that they have each others backs. And I have high hopes for a sequel in which they fall in love ;)

Emma and Mr. Knightley || Emma (2009)

"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."

Yes, they are a very popular couple, but they are so worth the hype. Emma is a flawed heroine, and Mr. Knightley is the ultimate gentleman. Their lifelong friendship is something that endears them as a couple. Emma teases, Mr. Knightley scolds, and together they have a bond that makes them such a beautifully functional couple.  

Peggy and William || Return to Cranford

"We have always been equals. Love makes people so."

Even though they are a lesser known couple, these two are REAL cute. REAL CUTE.

Peggy is a dear girl, who (because she is an ANGEL) takes care of her mother (who is horrible to her) and her brother (who is Trouble with a capitol T). 

She stumbles upon a young man named William (also a sweetheart) (played by Tom Hiddleston, himself)

 (of course that's not why I love him so much) (what a notion) 

William takes it upon himself to rescue her from her horrible family, and the rest is history. There may or may not be an angsty, dramatic scene where he rescues her from a train wreck *swoons* and a perfectly darling waltz to bring everything to a close.

Mary and Matthew || Downton Abbey

"I won't be happy with anyone else, as long as you walk the earth."

Another more popular couple, but I can't help it. Mary Crawley is a handful. She can be bitter, frosty, judgmental, and just plain mean. Until she meets Matthew. Matthew sees through the layers of prickliness to Mary's soft side, and she falls hard for his gentle yet determined manner. Theirs is a bumpy road to romance, but they are a couple who bring out the best in each other.

Juliet and Dawsey || The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

"Do you think it's possible to belong to someone before you've even met them?"

This is one of those soft, quiet relationships. The reassuring handholds,  the heartfelt letters, the kind encouragement. Dawsey and Juliet just have such a sweet connection from the very beginning. Their love of books and writing, and their strength to stand up for what they believe in makes them such a lovely couple.

Are any of these couples your favorites? Were there some that I didn't mention that you love? I've got sooooo many posts planed between both romantic blog parties, so I will be back very soon ;)

Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Lovely Blog Party Kick Off + Tag

Hello there friends! Welcome to the Lovely Blog Party!!

Cordy is so good as to be hosting this month long party once again, and I'm so excited she is!! So, without further ado, here are my answers to her Would You Really? Tag...

 Would you ever go for a walk in the pouring rain to avoid the company of a gentleman caller?

Hmmm, it very much depends on the gentleman. If he wasn't a completely insufferable person, then I would probably stay and see it through, but then again, what if I should come across a Mr. Collins...?

Would you ever, truly, try your hand at matchmaking?


 I may or may not have already dabbled in it, ahem. 

I am Miss Woodhouse after all ;) 

Of course, if I were to try my hand at matchmaking, I would try to be very careful of both peoples feelings. I would hate to force anyone together and make things awkward. But with tact and careful planning, such things as casual meetings and hangout can be planned, and then carefully overseen and prompted by yours truly.

Would you be comfortable wearing glass slippers for a night out at a ball?

Definitely not, I can barely walk in normal heels, let alone a glass pair.

Would you ever eat an apple given to you, rather forcibly, by a perfect stranger?

Oof, I've always wondered at Snow White for this one. Like, yes dear, we know you're not the smartest cookie in the box, but COME ON.  Yes, you have an optimistic view of human nature, but accepting an apple from the stranger who already looks EXTREMELY shady, without question..??

So no, I wouldn't.

Would you ever pretend to be a man's fiancée who you've never actually met?


I seriously think that would be so much fun, especially if the guy is cool and plays along well.

Would you ever dance with a stranger that sang to you in a forest?

Well first of all, is he a good singer?

Second of all, is he a good dancer?

Either way, I don't know that I would. Unless of course, "he is the handsomest man you have ever seen, girls!"

(although if it were someone I already knew, it would be a whole different story ;)

Would you ever be the one to propose?

Nooope. Not to rain on any girl's party out there, but I am a firm believer in that being the man's move. Plus, I really want to have the whole experience of being proposed to and all that mushy stuff ;)

Would you ever visit the house of a man you refused but is supposedly out of town?

Well if I had second thoughts after refusing him, I very possibly would. I mean, as long as he's out of town, it should be fine, right...?

And that's all friends! Make sure to hop over to Cordy's blog to check out all the festivities! I will return with more romantic themed posts very soon!

Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

MCU Blog Party Wrap Up

Thank you to all you lovely people you contributed to our blog party!! I loved reading your posts and all your thoughts on Marvel! Here is a list of everyone who participated :)

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Yours Truly,

Miss Woodhouse

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MCU Character Aesthetics

In light of the fun I had creating my last aesthetics post, I thought I'd do a round two, but this time featuring a few of my favorite MCU characters!

Clint Barton || Hawkeye

"Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure." 

skyscrapers | quiet contemplation | flannel shirts | arrows | sassy comments | combat boots | white farmhouse | family bonds | black pavement | devotion | blue eyes | target practice | birds eye views 

Peter Parker || Spiderman
"When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you."

red sneakers | subway station | science notes | bravery | high school hallways | horrible secret keeper | spiderwebs | fire escapes | trying so hard | pullover sweatshirts | softhearted 

Loki || God of Mischief
"We are not doing Get Help."

clouds | evil smile | green leather | a tad dramatic | brother | mischievous | confused loyalties |  tall mountains | black suit | snark | loneliness | grand schemes | satisfied smirks

Natasha Romanof || Black Widow
"See you in a minute."

black leather | smell of gasoline | hand guns | long hallways | dark past | strong friendships |  motorcycles | sacrifice | red hair | hand to hand combat | high heels | loyalty | red brick | highway signs | soft smile

Yours Truly,
Miss Woodhouse